The Organizing Years: 1900 - 1932

At the turn of the 20th century in 1900, African-Americans were already here in the wild, wild west. Our history shows that two Baptist churches were organized in Arizona in the early 1900s, one in Bisbee, the other in Douglas. Missionary John B. Bell served as their Pastor. Through his work, he ministered to Native American Indians and cowboys.

In 1905, Missionary Bell arrived in Phoenix and united with our founding foreparents and later organized Second Baptist Church Sunday School. The 1905 Charter Members include:

Missionary John B. Bell - Organizer   Moderator W.B. Burgess - First Pastor 
Sister Ida Moore - Church Clerk Sister H. Trent - Assistant Secretary
Sister S.C. Smith - Treasurer Sister H.E. Kearnes - Charter Member
Sister H.B. Smith - Charter Member Sister Rena Moore - Charter Member
Sister Irene Rosser - Charter Member

From 1918 to 1925, the congregation worshipped in a tent while a new facility was being built. Between 1924 and 1933 three men of God served as Pastor:

The Rev. E. E. Burkhalter: 1924 - 1928  
The Rev. W.C. Cartwright: 1928 - 1930  
The Rev. William A. Johnson: 1932 - 1933

The Developing Years: 1933 - 1954

Our Pastors during this period:
The Rev. Charles Favors: 1933 - 1942 The Rev L. B. Nelson: 1943 - 1954

In 1951, the church acquired the three lots at 1139, 1140 and 1141 East Jefferson Street and changed the name to First Institutional Baptist Church.

The Building Years: 1954 - 1975

Our Pastors  during this period:
The Rev. A. G. Kendricks: 1954 - 1965 The Rev. Robert N. Nesby: 1965 - 1975
The Rev. R. Chew Era 1975 - 1976 No Pastor..1976 - 1977
Deacon. Robert L. Williams Sr Bro. Ernest Nedd

The Record-Breaking Years: 1977 - Present

The Rev. Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr. Senior Pastor

Under the direction of Pastor Warren H. Stewart, Sr. we are continuing to fulfill his vision of "becoming an evangelizing fellowship through evangelism and emancipation" because "we are members of the body of Christ, believing and living, going and growing, sharing and caring as active witnesses of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth."

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